Souciant means ‘cool caring’.  It is the opposite of ‘insouciant’, that formerly sexy, pouty, way of seeming to be above the concerns of the world.

Souciant is the new sexy.  The real sexy.  The sexy of practicality and connection.

Souciant is engaging of the whole earth, right now.  Every day, Souciant brings fresh culture and critical comment from around our planet.

Souciant is political but against orthodoxy.  We have a stake in history.  We think the planet is run (badly) by pirates and hustlers. We think ordinary folks banding together in new kinds of democratic institutions could do a better job.

Does Souciant have the plan?  Nope.  All we know is that we desire a new kind of place to work things out.  That’s what Souciant is all about.

If you care about the next 500 years on planet Earth, Souciant might be for you.

The site has been launched by a small number of volunteer contributors based in europe and north america.  Our hunch is that there are a lot of us (millions?) on this wavelength all around the world.

We are not spectators. We live and work here. To sustain our participation over the long-haul, Souciant is building the Souciant Exchange, a global network of independent providers (labels, boutiques, NGOs and individual producers) with goods and services to offer this community. Please consider joining us.

At the moment, you’ll see we are neither too proud, nor too dogmatic, to take a few bucks from Google AdSense. 

“By any means necessary.” That’s how we roll!

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Reach a global community that cares. Packages for brands, NGOs and independents starting at $249/month.