How They Hate Him

Don’t let reports about his inevitable return fool you. No matter how powerful Silvio Berlusconi remains, a vast number of Italians would prefer he disappear, forever. Whether they can actually get rid of him is another story. Much will be dependent on a combination of the success of the new government in arresting Italy’s declining economy, in tandem with successful criminal prosecutions of Il Cavaliere, now that his immunity has been lifted.

Might Brussels step in and urge reform of something other than Italy’s labor laws? Removing Berlusconi’s appointments to Italian public broadcaster RAI, and breaking up his media holdings for conflicting with EU antitrust laws, would be a good start. Imagine what kind of precedent this would set for other European publishing monopolies. In the interm, as Italy moves to rebuild itself, we think it would be a good idea to recall the intense anger the former Prime Minister generated, starting with a Berlusconi wanted print, on a wall in Turin.


“Berlusconi in exile.” Via Beroldo, Milan. August, 2011.


 “Berlusconi resign.” San Salvario, Turin. May, 2011.


Berlusconi tears up the Italian flag. Portrait by Shepard FaireyRolling Stone Italy, Milan. November, 2009.


“Berlusconi and Mubarak in sinkholes.” San Salvario, Turin. April, 2011.


“Berlusconi is an asshole.” Via San Paolo, central Turin. May, 2011.


“Berlusconi Mafioso.” Corso Buenos Aires, Milan. May, 2009.


Photographs courtesy of Joel Schalit


  1. I am not of course a Berlusconi’s supporter and I am surely happy over these days. Having said that I would not play down the strong support he had in specific segments in Italian society.
    If you move from Milan to Brianza or in other well off regions of North of Italy you would take different pictures….unfortunately.

  2. Is there anyone you can think of that recognizes that Berlusconi is the spiritual daemonic emperor? In other words that he’s the center piece of evil that keeps our spiritual experience crap compared to the mechanical cell-phone WiFi reliability. Anti monopolia media Berlu!!! Unless his TV monopoly is dismantled we are in danger of more of the same global dementia that will include WW3.
    Thanks for this page showing us some of the resistance.
    PS It’s sort of a personal emergency also because after 4 years I’m at the limit of my ability to maintain a complaint.

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