Stuttgart Goes Syria

Free Syria demo, Stuttgart

Few cities epitomize multiethnic Germany more than Stuttgart. With up to 40% of the population estimated to be of foreign background, the southwestern town, best known for its automotive industry, is as diverse as its more hyped peer, Berlin.

Boasting an especially visible Middle Eastern community, Stuttgart is also home to an energetic activist scene dedicated to Turkish political issues.

Two weeks ago, Syrian and Palestinian Germans demonstrated on Königstraße, the city’s main shopping thoroughfare, against President Assad’s continued suppression of his country’s resistance movement.

One of many such protests taking place around Europe, this demo featured especially graphic placards, such as this rather brutal-looking one, featuring a wounded child, presumably attacked by Syrian security forces.

Look out for a photo essay, consisting of more pictures from this demonstration, towards the end of May.

Photograph courtesy of Joel Schalit

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