American Talkbackers for Putin

Vladimir Putin poster. Russia, August 2008.

Vladimir Putin poster. Russia, August 2008.

American journalists hate the USA.  I find Putin more reliable than the press. At least Putin is a patriot. I’d actually believe Putin over anyone in the mainstream media. I think Putin should spill the beans on all the American leftists working against Trump.

I think Putin should put a stop to it. People shouldn’t be hiring law firms to hire lobbyists to hire British spies to solicit dirt from the Kremlin on their political opponents. Putin will spill those beans when time is right. But Deep State/CIA are against Russia/America.

The majority of Americans distrust Russia; part of the reason Trump is polling at 38% approval. But the Russian Twitter bots here love Russia.

I see Putin/Russia everywhere. Putin has everything to do with opinion polls. Trust Trump. Putin obviously does.

The DNC’s Russia-Russia-Russia smear / excuse is performing the verification as the DNC is revealed as the election meddlers / cheaters / scammers behind the media curtain. It is indeed smear campaign against Russia. Russia will not allow this without retribution.

Trump believes Russia’s leader over his own intelligence services. If the Russians spent $50,000 on social media to experiment with American psychology, that’s their right. The US through USAID meddles in Russian and Ukrainian elections to the tune of billions of dollars. So if there’s an election meddler it’s us Americans.

If there was any smoking gun, or even a hint of evidence pointing to Putin, we would hear Robert Mueller and every liberal in DC screaming at the top of their lungs. I’d say fraudulent voting at local level is a bigger problem, and the fact that the Democrats and Rinos don’t want to rectify it is pretty damning.

Russia is a ruse. The President has not spoken to Russia for years, until meeting Putin in Asia. It’s a witch-hunt by the MSM/Deep State/CIA. I don’t think Putin did meddling. Misses Clinton did meddling.

Dear Mr. Putin, we believe you. Please do not listen to the American Mainstream Media. It is a disgrace, and we don’t listen to it either. The story that Russia hacked our election has democrat party, Podesta – Clinton, FAKE NEWS written all over it. Zero Facts, all CNN.

Vladimir Putin is more interested in the US and its broken politics than in Russia’s fate and Russia’s economy. If you look up our relationship with Russia you will know that they are not considered a hostile nation. No, Russia is not currently considered hostile. Russia is real friend of America.

For Russia to deny they had any involvement would be totally understandable…. except when asked about this conversation between Trump and Putin, the official Russian response is…. wait for it…. the conversation never took place. It only occurred in Trump’s head.

Putin is the leading supporter of Western Christian culture round our world. The choice is believing Putin or the CIA and NSA. Putin is more trustworthy than American intel agencies. The truth is that Russia interferes in our election, and Trump is fine with that because it helped him.

Adapted from right-wing talkbacks. Photograph courtesy of Christian Mayrhofer. Published under a Creative Commons license.