Visions of Aldo Moro

Might as well be 1978. Rome, 2008.

On April 4, 1978, a source whose reliability is unknown, advised he has had the gift of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) since childhood and has been accurate in his perceptions a majority of the time.

The source advised he has been following the abduction of Aldo Moro, Rome, Italy, on television since the incident first occurred during mid-March, 1978. The source has had visions concerning this matter with regard to his ESP and the following details have emerged:

From the place of abduction to Moros current location is no less than 38 miles or kilometres to no more than 42 to 46 miles or kilometres. Moro is located in Italy somewhere to the north of Rome. The source can visualise a seashore and a separate body of water which could be a lake or river that is a few miles or kilometres east of the seashore.

It is very sunny in that location. To the east of this body of water, possibly two to four miles or kilometres, there is a mountain where a very narrow road is located. The road has a blue colour like wet cement and is made of some type of stone.

The source can visualise a cave in the mountain which may or may not be seen from the. roadway and inside the cave are two holes which are possibly wells. There is a large room in or near the cave that is being built or repaired.

The source visualises very little sun in the vicinity of the cave and it is located in a very cold location. The source can visualise Moro in or near one of the wells and he has an injury or mark on the top of his head! The source cannot tell whether or not Moro is alive.

Sacramento, California
April 7, 1978

FOI/PA# 1369867-0

Adapted from an FBI transcript. Photograph courtesy of Christian Mayrhofer. Published under a Creative Commons license.