Author: Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson is a “user/customer experience” practice, management, and organizational strategy consultant, teacher, commentator, and editor. He is a recipient of CHI’s SIGCHI's Lifetime Service Award. Richard has published numerous articles, taught at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz, and has spoken and conducted workshops at various conferences worldwide. He has worked in management roles at Yahoo!, Studio Archetype, Sapient, and Viant, and shared Editor-in-Chief duties for interactions magazine for three years. Recently, Richard shifted a large part of his focus to social innovation. Follow him on Twitter via @Riander.

Four years ago, David Armano opened his home to a Romanian immigrant and her three kids (one with Down’s Syndrome.) The woman — Daniela — had lost her home due to an unpaid mortgage, was divorcing her spouse after years of abuse, and had nowhere to go other than a shelter. (More…)

Last December, I “celebrated” my first anniversary of living on the street. Hence, it is perhaps a bit overdue for me to reflect on and share some thoughts about the experience. Since I first became homeless, I’ve lived out of my car, which is a blessing compared to the many people trying to get by in the growing number of tent communities in the U.S. or with no roof at all. (More…)