Blame the Americans

Anti-American graffiti. Brussels, June 2014.

The downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 is America’s fault, I am told. Washington egged on the fascists in Kiev, who were trying to shoot down Vladimir Putin’s plane, but somehow got the wrong one.  Everything bad that happens in the world is the United States’ fault. It always is.

The angelic Mr Putin cannot be blamed, since everything must be the fault of the evil Americans and the evil fascists their evil corporations are installing as puppets everywhere to rob the defenseless people.

For the 0.01%ers who really control the USA, both Bush and Obama are mere puppets. They want Russia’s oil and gas, and they won’t let Vladmir Putin stand up to their evil schemes.

That’s why they are egging on anti-Semites in Ukraine, who will soon start killing Jews again with NATO-issued weapons in NATO-built concentration camps. It has to be that way, because America is evil, and it is the only evil country in the world. All evil flows from the US. Period. God, this bullshit makes me so angry.

It takes a peculiar type of European leftist, grown fat and pampered in the luxurious peace afforded Western Europe since WWII by the Western alliance, to become the blind but willing accomplice of evil. A leftist whose strength is drawn from Mossadegh, from the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, from Vietnam and from the Nicaraguan Contras, from lynchings in the south to botched executions in the Carolinas, from all the stinking underbelly of American mistakes. Because America has been evil once, it must be evil always. Because some courageous journalists denounced American malfeasance once, every propagandist spinning conspiracies on Russia Today must speak the truth.

Once on a desk at the EU: Warren Christopher and James Baker. Brussels, June 2014.
Discarded PR pics: Warren Christopher and James Baker. Brussels street market, June.

So by all means, let’s ignore the fact that the BUK anti-aircraft missile is so sophisticated that it takes training to use. Let’s ignore the fact that just after the Boeing 777 was shot down, Mr Strelkov, (or should I say Mr Grishkin?) leader of the separatists (or should I say paid GRU operative?) used his vKontakte page to claim having shot down an AN-26.

Let’s ignore the fact that the separatists have already shot down a number of Ukrainian jets, whereas since the separatists have no air force, the Ukrainians have to date not shot down any jet. Let’s ignore the numerous reports by the likes of Amnesty International,  Human Rights Watch and the OSCE that detail in cool bur horrific prose what exactly these separatists are up to, who they are, where appear to come from, and how they terrorize the populations they claim to defend through beatings, rape, thievery, and murder.

Let’s ignore the pictures of Grad missiles beings fired into Ukrainian territory, or of Russian tanks crossing the border, because after all they could be, along with everything else, a false flag effort by the Empire of Evil, the US. Let’s ignore the two artist friends of a dear Kievan friend of mine, an artist who showed me the best alternative art scene anywhere in the former Soviet Union, who were captured and tortured in Sloviansk for two whole months for the crime of believing in the democratic promise of the Maidan revolution. Let’s ignore all evidence of the interests at play, and lets ignore the grotesque propaganda served up by Russia’s supine media (the Malaysian airliner was a prop packed full of cadavers, according to Strelkov, because the bodies “didnt’ smell fresh.”)

Most of all, lets ignore the fact that the silhouettes of a Boeing 777 and an Antonov AN26 are very different, and that this may not even have been an accident after all. Too cynical? Sure, because we must ignore the fact that Mr Putin became president by starting a war in Chechnya that resulted in Grozny being razed to the ground, or that a key part of his first election campaign was a promise to protect Russians against “terrorists”, when it is clear to all informed observers today that the bombs these terrorist supposedly placed were the work of Mr Putin’s friends.

No, let’s say “we don’t know”, or better yet, “It’s a US false flag,” because the US is the root of all evil and we pampered Westerners know so much better than the Ukrainians what’s good for them.


Photographs courtesy of Joel Schalit


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