Manchester According to Populists

Screenshot taken from Manchester England England! What don't you see? [YouTube]

Screenshot taken from Manchester England England! What don't you see? [YouTube]

The current surge in the left’s propensity toward violence and mayhem should surprise no one; this is PRECISELY who they are. This is why the American left and Islam share parallel ideologies. They both see totalitarian rule as their primary objective.They will attempt to achieve this agenda at any cost.

Human life and rights are meaningless to them; in fact, any visage of actual human rights is seen as a roadblock to the left. This is why the left will spout rhetorical platitudes on “social justice” and “equal rights” out of one side of their mouth and pay homage to Stone Age barbarians who have relegated Christians, women, gays, and minorities to the status of farm animals out of the other.

TRUMP MET with fifty Arab leaders and 100% of them are funding this JIHAD! They were laughing because the World is dependent on their OIL. They loved Obama who wasted EIGHT YEARS of imposing moratoriums that directly aided their JIHAD, THE J.V. TEAM, and all the other terrorist groups!

We’re witnessing the beginning of WORLD WAR III and again started in Europe! This time they welcomed the ENEMY with open PC ARMS, and ironically, they’ll cry for help from “HITLER!” Will we learn from that or welcome them too?

I HOPE TRUMP stops in Britain on his way home to show resolve and solidarity, of course, that’s not if they somehow blame him for anything and everything like what I’ve heard in their parliament that wants to ban his visits.

This Muslim Experiment will never work. EVER.  If a suicide bomber blowing up kids at a pop concert doesn’t convince you, what will? They are only destroyers, and I’ve never met a Muslim that has had the slightest genuine interest in assimilation.

May 22, the fourth anniversary of the murder of Lee Rigby, not a coincidence. Assimilation is always made to sound like such a GOOD thing. But it’s merely the scenic route to becoming minorities in our own countries. No, it’s diversity which is the thing that’s made to sound good. Where is the evidence that it is good?

We are beginning to feel like strangers in our own country.  The town I live in is totally taken over by Indians and Muslims. We, white people, are no longer allowed our own countries anymore. Didn’t you get the memo?

To a leftist fool, racist means white. Leftists are not intelligent enough to realize that Islam is a religion. Not a race.  Embarrassing, when one takes into consideration the hundreds of thousands of dollars the leftists spend on their educations.

At this point, if I were a liberal, I would be questioning the official position of my party. Liberals proudly kill their own children, so I must assume that the killing of other peoples children means nothing to them.

Ariana Grande cried for Hillary when Trump was elected. Yet the person she would have wished for as president would have let in millions more, some of whom would have gone on to kill her very own fans, exactly like this.

That moronic donut-licking biatch is also an open borders leftist. The blood of her fans is on her own hands in a bitter twist of irony.

Screenshot courtesy of Anaconda Malt Liquor/YouTube. Text copied and edited from right-wing website talkbacks. Published under a Creative Commons license.