Swiss Feminists

Contrary to popular belief, the Swiss right is not a single-issue constituency. In addition to its hostility towards immigrants, it is also profoundly misogynistic. Following the first annual international antifeminism meeting, I found myself in Zurich, where I encountered this sticker. I assume the two are related. The second anti-feminism conference was held this year. I wonder what other kind of protest art it generated.


  1. I would like to know what you base this completely strange assertion on. To the best of my knowledge this antifeminism congress – despite getting disproportional media attention – is no way, shape or form endorsed by any mainstream Swiss political party.

    Just by way of setting the context, the Swiss cabinet right now has a majority of women.

    “Solidarity is our weapon” appears to be an anarchist slogan, so I’m not even sure this sticker is related.

  2. @FutureSpice: Why wouldn’t anarchists mobilize against a conference like this? Anarchafeminism has a long history, including in Switzerland.

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