Philly Punx Picnic 2013

It's karaoke time. Philly Punx Picnic, 2013.

For the fifth year in a row, the Philly Punx Picnic brought a week’s worth of noise, party, and way too much beer to an appreciative local scene. Featuring seven shows in just under six days, a softball tournament, and a bike race, the festival drew visitors from around the country and all the way from Japan and Australia.

The most momentous show each year is always at FDR Skatepark in South Philadelphia. This year’s headliners of the FDR show were New York City’s Urban Waste and Philly’s own Flag of Democracy, both of whom started playing in the early 1980s.

Punks pile up on the lead singer of NYC’s Dipers at FDR Skatepark.


 Matt Bones of Philadelphia hardcore band Dopestroke sings their hit “We Get High” to an adoring audience.


The vocalist of NYC anarcho-punks Skelptarsis.


Despite having taken a 20 year break, and completely revamping the band, Urban Waste is still very popular.

Skanking life

A classic that’s never gone out of style: punks dance in circles during the Urban Waste set at FDR Skatepark.


Redistributing the beer.


Photographs courtesy of the author

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