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Don't Forget Gaza. Brussels, August 2014.

Watching the major powers in the Middle East maneuver has become increasingly painful for anyone who still believes that politics can sustain our better natures. Cynically self-serving, with callous disregard for the dignity of human life, their moves have helped to revive every conspiracy theory in the book and inspire plenty of new ones. This is a major problem, especially for the Left.

While there is every reason to express solidarity with those whose lives are devalued by Realpolitik, it is crucial to remember the difference between a shifting balance of powers and a coordinated effort by those powers to maintain their hegemony. Although the effect of this fragile equilibrium may be to preserve the status quo at the expense of the peoples whom it hurts the most, that does not mean that a secret cabal has set out to achieve this end.

In general, human beings are inclined to perceive premeditation where there is spur-of-the-moment decision-making, particularly when it runs counter to their wishes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t aspire to a less simplistic view of the situations we encounter. Unfortunately, when spiritual beliefs enter the picture, the likelihood of understanding that agency is more often an effect than a cause decreases sharply. Because let’s face it, the vast majority of the world’s religions, whether great or small, are devoted to discerning purpose wherever it’s hard to see any. Not that this impulse is wrong, necessarily. We all need something to get us through the night. But when that logic is applied to the analysis of temporal powers, the results are almost invariably dangerous.

The Belgian flyers translated here testify to the difficulty of walking the fine line between acquiescence and conspiracy theory. The reasons why people on the Left might be drawn to remixed versions of the International Jewish Conspiracy are easy enough to perceive in light of what has been happening to the Palestinians. But understanding the impulse gives us all the more incentive to work towards redirecting it towards less destructive ends.

Syria conspiracy theories. Brussels, August 2014.
Conspiracy theories. Brussels, August 2014.

SYRIA: Mercenaries handsomely paid to continue the civil war! To the benefit of Qatar – USA – Israel etc…

Billions of dollars given to rebels to secure a gas pipeline – the stakes of the conflict

Stop the media lies and massacres perpetrated by the “rebels” on behalf of imperialism! Rebels have used chemical weapons.

Qatar money is financing the Syrian rebels opposed to President Assad. A gas pipeline destined for Europe is at stake, not politics or democracy.

According to the Financial Times on 17 May, Qatar has provided financial support of up to three billion dollars to “the Syrian revolution” over the past two years. Qatar promises $50,000 to every deserter of the Assad regime. The Financial Times found witnesses to expose Qatar’s relationship with rebel leaders in Syria and abroad, as well as government officials in the region and the West.

Observers like to joke about the fact that the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, “bought a revolution in Syria.” By supporting Islamist rebels in the Arab world, the emir hopes to become some sort of “pan-Islamic Nasser.”

In July 2011, Syria signed a strategic agreement with Iran and Iraq to construct a pipeline that would carry Iranian gas to Europe through Syria. This agreement is a serious obstacle to European and Qatar projects. But luckily, this is when the Syrian “revolution” erupted, which Qatar does not hesitate to “buy”…

Rainer Rupp

Article from Junge Welt

The war continues to kill people in Syria. Qatar is supporting the rebels, and European countries may chip in soon. For democracy? Actually, it is more likely to do with gas.

A sovereign Syria is allowed to exist!

80% of Syrians want Assad’s legal government… But are terrorised by cruel Arabs!

Just as the Syrian army is preparing to take control of the situation and the “rebel” Salafists or mercenaries armed to the teeth by the imperialist powers and Israel are on the brink of giving up, they implored their US, French and English masters to intervene directly as they did in Libya; This came as the President allowed international observers to enter the area and continues to lessen the conflict.


How to explain the alleged massacre of civilians with chemical weapons a few days ago? Following the false case of the Kuwaiti “incubators” during the first Gulf War (when the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador disguised as nurse testified to the UN), following the famous media lie about “weapons of mass destruction” supposedly hidden in Iraq during the second Gulf War, following the lie exposed last year that Gaddafi’s army massacred protesters in Tripoli, the case of the Syrian “sarin gas massacre” will go down in the history as the biggest media lie of the early 21st century. The UN is already unable to prove it and Russia claims it has satellite images proving that chemical bombs were launched from an area held by the jihadists.

2013-2016: God has let the increasingly evil world prosper: proved by the absurd mistake of refusing and ridiculing the divine help proposed from 1960 to 2000: Good spiritual “sects” for the new enlightenment – contact with angels – E.T., UFOs and real crop circles – apparitions of Mary and the return of the redemption Messiah Jesus in celestial glory… Arab spring and by Ruha – conscience spirit… We have missed many opportunities: This is our hell!

Prayers – yoga – hope – divine confidence – internal peace to believers!


Blame the Jews. Anderlecht sidewalk, August.
Blame the Jews, Anderlecht.

August 2014: Jews across the world support the criminal aggression of the Israeli rogue state through protests, collecting funds, manipulating the media etc…


Walled in ghettos are exterminated for their weak, yet legitimate, resistance!

They are abandoned by the UN which created the Israeli state through pity. It now terrorises the entire Middle-East.

The Zionist and racist diaspora risk global retaliation: hatred leads to more hatred… What a shame!

Honour to the progressive Jews who defend a Palestinian state that freely cohabits in peace with its Semitic brothers…

Anger and judgment by the Yahweh God will come soon! Peace to those who believe.


Translated from the French by Kit Rickard. Introduction by Charlie Bertsch. Photographs courtesy of Joel Schalit,

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