Out of Weed

Out of weed. Brussels, September 2014.

Blame it on the Baby Boomers. No matter where you go, whether it’s Europe or the United States, there will always be a hippie presence on the left. Partially due to generational mass, partially a consequence of the liberal consensus of the 1960s, their imprimatur on progressive politics is inescapable.

There’s also the issue of illness. Hippies are all about reconciliation. Focused on lifestyle, and health, its practically impossible to find a left-winger who isn’t somehow sympathetic to their concerns. The problem is the transcendental emphasis that tends to amplify with age. Religion is important to them.

Though it’s easy to rationalize a commitment to some sort of faith or spirituality, it can also be a sign of unreason. Not just culturally, but politically as well, to the point that religion becomes  the place where left and right become indistinguishable, where counterrevolutionary politics, to invoke the language of the Cold War, comes into play.

Getting God doesn’t always lead to Jonestown, but it does inevitably create credibility problems. Progressives bemoan the lack of seriousness; conservatives use it to point out the irrelevance of leftist politics. As though it were proof that the left is incapable of being responsible in politics, and can only meditate, not govern.

There is some truth to that. The narcissism of hippie culture frequently gets communicated by its theological outlook. The personal is indeed political, but it is not cosmological. To insist that society suffers from dualism, for example, when the solution is monism, is best debated in seminary, not among environmental activists.

The photos in this edition of Randomizer epitomize the persistence of the transcendental on the left. Shot in Brussels, they document the otherworldly aspirations of a generation slowly coming to pass. That they would find themselves so natural to their environment testifies to the universal appeal of their messages.

Religion itself is not a problem, but a sign of the difficulty the left has with satisfying utopian desires. Particularly in such non-traditional contexts, where ‘star ships’ are the norm (see the lead image) and people believe in crop circles (translated from the French-language flyer, below.)

The aliens might not be among us, but alienation clearly remains a constant.

Brussels, December 2015.
Brussels, December 2015.

Creating civil wars

The new, diabolical procedure for crushing states that refuse globalised domination…

Syria, Ukraine, France, Venezuela, etc…

Who benefits from these hidden crimes?

Since 1960 our world has been changing. God once offered us help from the outside: the cosmic interventions of the UFO, E.T. and crop circle years, which our governments refused. So now God is trying an internal change: celestial forces heighten the human consciousness that aspires to freedom, justice, truth, etc…

The “natives” try to mobilise public opinion, but they are not followed!

Peaceful demonstrations, global “springs” are met with brutal responses and extremism. Mercenaries – paid, encouraged, armed – transform them into civil and, alas, religious wars. Even the believers allow themselves to be manipulated!

And who are the instigators of these civil wars? The USA, Israel, Qatar!

Good people will once again have to pay the price for change…

God will intensify the apocalypse that will bring about our collective and individual judgement… are we ready??? Prayer, yoga, meditation, forgiveness and solidarity can bring salvation!

Translated from the French by Samuel White. Photographs courtesy of Joel Schalit.