Populist Commentariat Freaks Out

The truck used in the attack on a Christmas market. Berlin, December 20th.

If Mecca is the most holy site in Islam, Germany assumes a similar significance for fascists. So ferocious were the talkbacks on right-wing websites following Monday’s attack on a Berlin Christmas market, it was as though a pig had been set loose in a mosque.

Granted, for Europe’s populists, 2016 was theirs. Whether it was Britain’s decision to leave the EU, or the victory of Donald Trump in the US elections, Europe’s far-right feel a sense of empowerment the likes of which it hasn’t experienced since the 1930s.

Nothing could be more validating than Islamic terrorist attacks. They confirm, however tendentiously, the alleged fifth column status of Muslim communities in Europe, and why populists are right in rejecting multiculturalism.

The following essay is meant to epitomise this worldview, in all of its hate-filled glory. Pieced together over the last three days, it should be read as an ethnography, of sorts, in order to communicate how dangerous the ideology is, from the inside.

It is also, as a literary exercise, something of a revelation, as the article was pieced together cut and paste style, using comments on news articles as its source material, with little to no editing.


Germany, after the National Socialists were defeated in WWII, never moved far from the National Socialists way and now the results of a country dominated by socialism (communism) is there for everyone to see. The people are like sheep and refuse to even defend themselves.

The crashed truck (side view.) Berlin, December 20th.
The crashed truck (side view.) Berlin, December 20th.

The left doesn’t get it. The quickest way to make Germany go Nazi again is exactly what the left is doing, importing large numbers of Islamic refugees to prey upon the German public.

That will do more to create the narrative that will allow such leadership to rise up and take the German people back in time to a bad place.

Those few who defend themselves are stamped as Nazis and they usually end up in jail! Those who harbour “refugees” are commended and are paid highly by government … these people are your “snowflakes.”

Hitler was right. Germany has been destroyed through Muslim immigration, led entirely by Bolshevik Jews. I never thought I would see a situation where Germany would be better off if Hitler had won. But, here we are.

Germany keeps Nazi laws on the books and uses them to persecute homeschool families. What happened to ‘denazification’? WW2 is over. The Germans lost. The Nazis won. After all, the Nazis were big Muslim supporters.

There were 2 Muslim SS Divisions…13th and 21st Waffen. Just l@@k it up. Many Nazis converted to Islam after WWII. A number went to go serve in Egypt with the Nasserite regime and others with the Baathist.

The aerial view.
The aerial view.

It should also be noted that there were strong connections between Imperial, Weimar, and Nazi German intelligence and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is suspected to have developed an integrated alliance with East German intelligence, which continued after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Merkel was a Stasi agent. The Stasi was built upon former Gestapo and Nazis. They dropped the nationalism aspect and changed it to internationalism. Merkel is (now) an ‘Internazi’ sure as the sun rises. What she has done to Germany is despicable. Merkel should be hanged for treason.

Furthermore, Imperial German intelligence essentially created the modern day anti-white national liberation movements in both North Africa, Southern Africa, the Middle East, the British Raj, China, Japan, and the East Indies.

Anti-White, anti-Western, anti-British, anti-French, anti-American hate by the Third World.  The gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Germany.

Germany is concerned about population decline. Germans are not having enough children to keep the population stable. Imagine if they had offered a generous bonus to married couples to have their third child. Population problem solved.

Instead, they chose to break the law, allow an invasion of Muslims, and create a violent new Third World country where NO WOMAN would have a child. The German male has been emasculated. And I thought the Germans were smart. “Nicht.”

Merkel inspects the site. Berlin, 21 December.
Merkel inspects the site. Berlin, 21 December.

Our governments better get their act together and kill extremist Muslims until they surrender just like we did to the Nazis. Evil in the world is nothing new. The only thing new is our stupidity in how we are dealing with it.  Why go to the Middle East to get killed by extremists, when you can bring them to your country to do the same?

There is absolutely no indication that the German government or any EU government is going to put an end to this influx of these satanic Muslims coming into the west. Pure madness against the freedom loving people of Europe.

Funny how there were no attacks until Mutti Merkel imported a million Muslim false refugees. Angela Merkel is politically dead! She can’t call this attack an infowar operation by Russia to influence the German election. Merkel has a simple solution really – she should just proscribe Islam. To fight Islamofascism, first we will have to remove its European enablers.

Like all of the EU, Merkel is following orders from the NWO Globalists (Soros, Rothschilds) in Brussels. Making the world one, not more culture, no more identity. A little collateral damage here and there is to be expected.

Saudi Arabia is bankrolling these insane cowards. They financed 9/11, and that was just a down payment on their scheme to inflict Islam on civilized humanity. Islam is incompatible with civilization.

Unless and until Mecca and Medina are reduced to radioactive rubble, the hundreds of thousands of frenzied whacko hajj participants are met with a lethal dose of nerve gas, and cruise missiles blast every madrassa in the Middle East out of existence, these bloodthirsty subhuman scum will keep on in their quest so subjugate civilized humanity under the nightmare of Islamic shariah. You’d better deal with these insane psychopaths sooner rather than later. Twenty years ago I prayed that someone nuke Mecca and Medina, but no one listened.

One passenger was found dead. The driver, presumed to be the terrorist, survived.
One passenger was found dead. The driver, presumed to be the terrorist, survived.

Liberalism resets priorities to power, control. The only acceptable voice is their voice! Why is populism spreading the EU? Hundreds of murders and attacks, thousands of rapes, sexual assaults and robberies- all since last year- definitely a coincidence and absolutely nothing to do with the religion of peace. It is in fact ‘populism’ that is causing all the tension.

Populism is actually nationalism. It is for closed borders, sovereign nations with their own unique culture and peaceful trade agreements between nations negotiated one on one, the way it used to be before the EU and open borders.

The saddest part is that there is nothing in the governments of the world that will take them out of their satanic stupor to stop Islam’s religion of Satan. In time God will put an end to this evil religion, but it will not be soon I’m afraid. The wicked will go to Hell and the righteous will suffer for a season.

Islam is ruining everything it touches. Glass these people back to the stone age. Kill the Muslims, or they will kill you. We need to do it in every Western country in the world. Muslims are evil.

C’mon Germany! Aufwachen Deutschen! – RAUS! RAUS! RAUS! WAKE UP and tell Merkel and her communist party bloc to Foxtrot Oscar with their gimmigrant rapefugees.

Photographs courtesy of Karl-Ludwig Poggeman. Published under a Creative Commons license.