A Revolutionary Middle East (1948)

Recycling Israel. Asian migrant, South Tel Aviv.

The Russian imperialist bloc and the Anglo-American imperialist bloc intend to partition the world into a series of colonial and semi-colonial satellite states.

Their native ruling classes aid this division into spheres of exploitation under the guise of movements for national independence in order to preserve for themselves the right to exploit their own proletariat within the framework of imperialist super-profits.

The ruling classes of the colonial, semi-colonial and small nations pose as victims of imperialism to their own oppressed masses in order to turn the anti-capitalist sentiments of the exploited into patriotic support of one imperialist blood against another in the struggle for world domination.

The bourgeoisie of the small nations and the semi-colonial bourgeoisie compete with one another for the favour of one or the other imperialist powers now by negotiation and then by war, behind which are the rival imperialist powers facing one another, manoeuvring for position in preparation for open war.

The declining British Empire, unable to carry out its imperialist commitments, is bowing to US domination in the Middle East and withdrawing its military from Palestine.

British imperialism, too weak to stabilize its oppressive rule in the Middle East, requested the US to take over its mandate in Palestine while fortifying Britain’s political, economic and military positions in the surrounding Middle Eastern states.

Russia seeks to play the dominant imperialist role in the Middle East, a la Britain and the US. It maintains military relations with the Arab League and political support for Zionism for the same reasons as- Britain and the US. Moscow has infiltrated the Arab League areas with Soviet Muslim agents and the Zionist areas with Soviet Jewish agents.

Moscow seeks to exploit the proletariat and peasantry of the Middle East. Her motive: the fabulous profits to be gained from the extraction of oil in the Middle East. The drive for warm water ports is part of that strategic goal in the preparation for war with the Anglo-American imperialists.

The Soviet Union and its puppet political organisations will not free the Arab-Jewish masses from the oppression of imperialism.

The only road to the solution of the crisis in the Middle East is through the organization of a revolutionary party uniting the Arab and Jewish proletariat for the seizure of power and the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat in the Middle East.

The Arab-Jewish proletariat will not be able to overthrow capitalism in the Middle East without support from the international working class, especially the strategically situated proletariat of England and America.

The workers of England must break with Labour Party imperialism and protest against the oppression of Arab and Jewish workers and for a socialist Middle East.

The workers of the United States must break with America’s own bourgeoisie and pro-Zionist trade union leadership and raise a mighty voice on behalf of the emancipation the of Arab-Jewish masses from the yoke of foreign and imperialist oppression.

What is to be done? That is what must be done.

Adapted from the LCI International Bulletin Vol 2 No 4. Published under a Creative Commons license. Photograph courtesy of Joel Schalit. All rights reserved.