Author: Arthur Neslen
Arthur Neslen is the author of In your eyes a sandstorm (University of California Press, 2011) and Occupied Minds (Pluto, 2006.) He has worked for numerous international news outlets including the BBC,, the, the Jane's publishing group, the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, and the Evening Standard. A former International editor for the UK's Red Pepper magazine, Neslen is currently based in Brussels, Belgium, where he works as the environment and energy editor for EurActiv news agency.

This story was taken for Arthur Neslen’s book In Your Eyes a Sandstorm: Ways of Being Palestinian a collection of interviews about Palestinian identity. Sadly, for space reasons, it could not be published there. But Souciant is happy to give it a home. In Your Eyes a Sandstorm will be released next week. (More…)

In the 1986 Wapping dispute that inaugurated the News of the World as the beast it would become, I have one outstanding memory. I am drinking sherry with friends at 2AM, on a highway we are convinced we have taken – only for TNT vans heavy with bundled copies of News of the World to exit from spidery side streets half a mile away.

In a year of picketing, we never once stopped the labyrinthine plant. (More…)

Israel’s killing of dozens of pro-Palestinian demonstrators at the fence surrounding Majdal Shams has again catapulted the 19,000 Druze and 2,000 Muslim Arabs of the Golan Heights to popular attention. Despite being as numerous as Israeli settlers, they lack equal rights and access to resources, as Arthur Neslen discovered in this feature, which was spiked by Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst. (More…)

Despite his appearances over the last two decades in some of Israel’s most critically-acclaimed features, Juliano Mer-Khamis’s name is not immediately recognised by most film buffs. One of Israel’s most talented actors, Mer-Khamis made global headlines because of his death, rather than his artistry. (More…)