Author: Haneen Abed Elnaby
Haneen is studying English literature at the Islamic University of Gaza. One of her main loves is to read books, and her favourite is the novel, "A Beautiful Lie" by Irfan Master. Music and languages also are passions. She attributes the latter to her father, who lived in Germany for 13 years. Haneen speaks a bit of German as well as Turkish and English.

My dad is an engineer and he saved to buy a big house where our family of eight could find happiness: two stories designed by an Algerian, white walls with a red roof, a garden with trees and flowers, and my own bedroom. It was a dream come true. (More…)

If the world’s cameras were to move a little deeper into Gaza, into the streets and behind the doors of people’s homes, they would see the desperation in almost every home. After 10 years of siege, the 2 million people of Gaza, living packed on a tiny strip, find themselves without work, their economy killed off, without the bare essentials for decent life. The siege is fracturing minds, pushing the most vulnerable to suicide in numbers never seen before. (More…)