Author: Kevin C. Moore
Kevin C. Moore is a lecturer in the Writing Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He earned a PhD in English from UCLA, where he began his current book project on writer’s block as an American cultural myth. Currently, his research interests include writing studies, nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, and American intellectual history. He also writes fiction. His work has appeared in journals including Arizona Quarterly, MAKE, and Composition Studies.

Most international tourists to Spain who make the detour to Bilbao—or Bilbo as it is spelt in Euskara, the Basque language—do so in order to visit the Guggenheim Museum, the Frank Gehry-designed titanium shipwreck that has loomed over the left bank of the Nervión estuary for the past twenty-one years. (More…)

When I heard about the rampage in Isla Vista — in which a deranged narcissist unleashed a nightmare on the slightly fallen student paradise beside the University of California, Santa Barbara—I was in Washington, DC attending symposia on Ralph Ellison. Now, back at UCSB, wrapping up the quarter with my writing students, I think I finally understand the ending of Invisible Man. (More…)