Author: Zenab Bintifada
Zenab Bintifada is a British-Pakistani writer and activist.

I was at a party when I first heard news of the Paris attacks. My friend and I curled around her phone, scrolling through the grisly details: two explosions close to Stade de France, gunmen attacking multiple restaurants, and an Eagles of Death Metal concert.  (More…)

During the 2015 NUS Women’s Conference, I was passed a note from a friend. “I’m so happy and proud that you are here,” it read, “All my love, sister.” I was surprised at my reaction to the word “sister,” which made me feel an unfamiliar sense of warmth and community.  (More…)

Earlier this month, American magazine Allure released a nude photoshoot featuring Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox. Bloggers like Meghan Murphy of Feminist Frequency shot back, criticizing the alleged “empowerment” of the shoot.  (More…)